In recent times, wool carpets have become less and less practical for the modern way of life, and now man-made materials are being used to create excellent quality carpets. Typically made using polypropylene - a plastic - these carpets have added benefits of being more resistant to staining and many of them can withstand cleaning with household chemical products better than wool, such as Vanish. This is because with the fibres not being a natural product, their colour and texture will not be affected by the harsh cleaning products that would otherwise damage wool carpets.

We supply best selling twist pile carpets from leading manufacturers such as Furlong Flooring and Regency Carefree. We install carpets such as these into our showhomes as well as local customer properties, due to their excellent price for how hard wearing they are. They are perfect for any area of the home, such as bedrooms, living rooms, even heavy footfall areas such as the stairs, due to the dense nature of the twist pile. Deeper, saxony-style carpets are of course also available for a more luxurious feel. These gorgeous, sink-your-toes-in carpets are excellent for bedrooms where there is less foot traffic.

carpet2Of course, we also sell wool-mix carpets! The quality of wool products cannot be contested. With our wool mix carpets being an 80/20 mix between wool and polypropylene respectively, you get the benefit of the durability and luxury of wool with the harder wearing nature of man-made. Again, we deal with leading manufacturers such as Kingsmead, Cavalier and others, in order to only supply the best products to our customers. Our wool carpets come in twist as well as loop piles, for a great mix between a natural look and modern living.