Roman Blinds

roman1Combining the efficiency of blinds and the soft, warm effect of fabrics, roman blinds are an excellent compromise. All of our made-to-measure fabrics can be made into roman blinds, from leading manufacturers such as Prestigious Textiles, Ashley Wilde and iLiv. Made with a chain operated headrail, all of our roman blinds are child safe in accordance with the EN13120:2009+A1:2014 law passed in 2014. We worked hard to find manufacturers that made sure all dangerous components are made to break away under pressure, without falling apart in your hands during operation.

Roman blinds have become a staple in showhomes over the last ten years, and continue to be incredibly popular among the domestic public. With their versatility of being able to fit either inside the recess or outside, you're guaranteed to find a style that works for you. If you keep photo frames or other trinkets on your windowsills, or like the effect of your window looking bigger, an outside recess fit is for you. If you prefer a neater, more subtle look or simply do not have the space, inside recess is your better option.

6D905369-ACA8-47BB-8AD1-0E9429ABA633As with our curtains, our roman blinds can be made with a variety of linings. Our standard linings come in a white or 'pearl' which is an off-white to suit beige toned fabrics. Blackout lining is a great way to prevent light passing through the majority of the fabric of the blind, and interlining creates a decadent, plush feel while also adding protection against drafty windows. We can also work with you to make your roman blinds as unique as you would like, with applied trims, fabric borders and even beads!