Curtains & Voiles


Our showroom holds thousands of made-to-measure fabrics, all with the potential to be turned into a beautiful pair of curtains. Our suppliers include big names such as Prestigious Textiles, iLiv, Ashley Wilde and many, many more. We use local, dedicated curtain makers as well as fabric manufacturers to achieve either a hand finish or machine finish look in any style your heart desires. Our options for heading include eyelet, pinch pleats (single, double and triple!), pencil pleat, wave, goblet, box pleat; really, the world is your oyster as far as we're concerned! If you are seeking a more delicate look, to allow light in at all times but still keeping some form of privacy, we also have a large selection of voile fabrics that can be made into curtains. From plain white to colourful florals, our voiles provide a delicate option to finish off any room.pleat1

We also offer a range of different linings to achieve the perfect finish. Our standard linings are made from polycotton and come in white or 'pearl', a delicate off-white colour for creamier fabrics. Blackout lining is perfect for blocking out the sun pouring through the fabric of your curtains, making it perfect for bedrooms or exceptionally sunny living rooms or kitchens. Interlining is a padding that adds a luxurious, quilted feel to your curtains, and has the added bonus of providing excellent thermal properties against drafts. Unless otherwise stated, we will assume all curtains will be lined to some degree, however we can of course make unlined curtains.

pt33Our poles come in wooden, metal and combination finishes to achieve any look from rustic to modern, and we will happily advise you if you are stuck for choices. All of our makers also have the ability to make various accessories to match, co-ordinate or even contrast in your home such as cushions, valances, tiebacks etc. We're more than happy to help you achieve what you're looking for!